On the 9th of July I will be taking part in the Soapbox Science Milton Keynes event. Soapbox science is a street performing outreach event which aims to raise the profile of women in STEM. Basically I’ll be stood up on a soapbox in Milton Keynes shopping centre trying to convince passers by that they want to be excited about Jupiter’s aurora and at the same time challenging gender stereotypes that there aren’t women in STEM #twobirdsonestone #WomenInSTEM #SciComms

MK Soapbox Science

13012634_10154102091474808_3624666500080527429_nOn the 22nd of April many of the participants of this year’s Soapbox Science events gathered at the London Zoological Institute for a training afternoon. We had been invited along by the Soapbox Science organisers to learn more about the events and get some science communication training. Arriving at the event I noticed I wasn’t actually that nervous, usually I find it pretty daunting to step into a room full of people I don’t know, but knowing it was room full of women working in STEM was exciting!

The afternoon kicked off with some inventive icebreakers. We played a version of Pictionary where we were asked to draw different occupations in STEM. I’m sure this game usually highlights the ‘mad scientist’ stereotype that most of the general public sometimes hold in their minds, but not at this event – I don’t think I saw a single male scientist drawn…

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