So the new year came round again and it’s nearly time for the new semster of observing at the NASA infrared telescope facility (IRTF). This semester I was awarded time to observe Jupiter with IRTF at the same time as 3 of Juno’s orbits, thanks to all the help from my supervisor and co-investigators – it’s awesome to be PI of another observing run!

I had to coordinate some rescheduling after submitting my proposal since there was a change of plan with Juno’s orbit. This was quite challenging but I’m super excited to be awarded time covering 3 of Juno’s orbits! Hopefully we’ll finally get the simulataneous data with Juno inside Jupiter’s magnetic field… weather permitting!

I’ll be doing all the observations remotely from the University of Leicester, not as glamorous as the summit of Mauna Kea, but with my observations spaced 53 days apart a trip to Hawaii would be a bit much!

Until then I leave you with this awesome video of the telescopes on Mauna Kea which makes them look like fun robots that shoot lasers…

Mauna Kea Heavens 3 from Sean Goebel on Vimeo.